I have been a snapper for most of my adult life but have no formal training or qualifications in photography. I have a degree in Urban Sociology, a Master's in Civic Design and diplomas in Management and Executive Coaching. These led me into a career in senior  management in the public sector and later into consultancy.
There were periods in the past when I had the time and the motivation to take the process of photography more seriously. Darkroom techniques were a good grounding for the digital world but, for some years, my use of Photoshop and Lightroom was mainly limited to image enhancement. 
In recent years the availability and quality of online instruction and inspiration has expanded enormously. This astonishing resource has opened up incredible perspectives across the whole field of digital art. I have immersed myself in it completely with an increasing sense of wonder and excitement.   
My cameras are now just the starting point. Good camera craft is obviously important but, for me, the shutter is just a memory button for the computer.  
The digital imaging techniques made possible by the software are the tools of discovery and exploration. The real creative challenge is imagination.


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