I have two approaches to photography: prowling about with a camera, hoping to snap someone or something interesting; and, visualising an image in my mind's eye and working out how to create it.  
These approaches are interrelated and evolutionary. Serendipity inspires creativity and digital image processing bridge's the gap between chance and thoughtfulness.
My subject interests are very broad but mainly people, landscape and travel. In recent years much of my work has been about creating composite images, more powerful, hopefully, than their individual elements.
My objective is to evoke an emotional response. 
"The heart of an image is both visceral as well as visual." David duChemin.
I began a new project at the beginning of 2023 to provide a photographic insight into the lives of the people of the town of Deal  in Kent. The  images can be found here:  www.denizensofdeal.com  

My Hands Drawing (After MC Escher)

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